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Danielle Lloyd – an eventful journey thus far

Danielle Lloyd was born on December 16th, 1983 at Liverpool in England. Her claims to fame include being the girlfriend of footballer Teddy Sheringham, posing nude in Playboy, winning the title of Miss England, then the more prestigious one of Miss Great Britain only to be stripped of it, and perhaps most famously she credited Winston Churchill as being the first black president of America. This gem of a faux pax occurred when she was participating in Test the Nation on BBC One. Apparently what fueled this amazing notion in her head was the fact that there is a black statue of Churchill near her house.

Danielle was born in Penny Lane, yes the same one immortalized by the Beatles in their song “Penny Lane”. In school, Danielle excelled in both study and play at the St Hilda’s High School for Girls and eventually pursued her studies in Biology and Science. Her academic performances can be explained perhaps by the fact that her mother was a bank manager and her father was an engineer.

What’s incredible about Danielle’s achievements in sports is the fact that she was struck with whooping cough when she was just three months, this left her asthmatic. Yet, she competed at the national level for the Sports Acrobatics Liverpool Team at the Centre of Excellence and did cross-country and hurdles for her county. On her website, she mentions Liverpool and Everton as the two footballing teams from her town and when a girl gets her football teams right, you know she aint joking about the game.

Danielle Lloyd first modeled at the age of 16. When she decided that this was the chosen line for her, she joined Beauty School and did a beautician’s course earning proficiency in Massage and Indian Head Massage. As with all achievers, Danielle has had her share of pain including being attacked and dragged on the road when on the way to a competition. This was the Miss Merseyside competition which Danielle entered and still ended up in the top seven. Danielle has also won the Queen of Clubs World Model of the Future in Athens, Miss Hawaiian Tropic Great Britain, Miss Velvet Lounge Liverpool and she was the Runner Up in Queen of the World in Munich.

Danielle Lloyd has had her share of controversies as well. Danielle was stripped of her Miss Great Britain title when she inadvertently blurted out that she was dating a judge, Teddy Sheringham, before and during the competition. She said that she spent the Christmas night with Teddy on his bed and that he showered her with expensive gifts. This went against her and to make matters worse her boyfriend was the only judge to vote for her. Although, Danielle denies having met Teddy before the competition in her website http://www.daniellelloyd.com/, the damage has already been done. She says that she is being victimized for posing nude in Playboy, that issue by the way will be available in England on November 10.

One thing’s for sure, this girl is destined to go places and we may add that we loved her site; she has a “News” section which she updates quite frequently. She has stated that she intends to work for women who are faced with domestic violence, so that’s what we call a beautiful mind in a beautiful body.

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Danielle Lloyd Latest News:

About Danielle Lloyd - posted 5th December 2009

Danielle Lloyd is working as an entertainment reporter and looks forward to the show Blind Date back on stage. The reason as to why she wants Blind Date to be back on track is because she believes that she is the perfect candidate for the show since she is single with no commitments. In addition, Danielle wants the Big Brother show to be off air as the show is old and has become boring with too much repetition.

At some point in time Danielle was seen in a concert spending time with Rhihanna and her boyfriend Chris Brown. The joke is that since Danielle seemed to get along with Rhihanna, who asked her to help her in ensuring that other girls stayed away from Chris Brown. The thing is that people will always want to find out about a particular celebrity and even take photographs without the celebrity’s concept. Thus it is no wonder that a recent photograph of Danielle Lloyd tanning on a beach in Dubai revealed her slender and sexy body.

Danielle Lloyd is a British model and carries out herself in the model industry with a lot of fashion and style so as to please her audience and gain appreciation. The last man Danielle dated was known as DJ Ironik. Many people would have bet their life on the supposed fact that the two would exchange marriage vows. This guy was unlike other football guys Danielle had dated. Unfortunately the two didn’t tie any knots and had to walk in different paths.

Due to amounting pressure, Danielle decided to tattoo herself in a certain Los Angeles parlor. The tattoo is in Hebrew and at the back of her neck. If translated to English the tattoo warns people against judging her and her lifestyle as God is the only one who is supposed to judge.

Danielle Has Been a Busy Woman - posted 23rd January 2009

Well, after browsing through the news today, it looks like Danielle Lloyd has been quite busy. Since I have already read through the latest news about her, I thought I would do you all a favor and summarize everything in one convenient location.

To kick things off, the latest news about Danielle (who is currently working as an entertainment reporter) is that she wants the show Blind Date to come back. Not only does she want Blind Date to be revived, but because she is a single girl, she feels like she would be the perfect candidate to host the show.

While Danielle wants Blind Date to be brought back on the air, she wants her old show (Big Brother), to be taken off of the air. She said that the show has gotten boring and repetitive, and that it's time for it to come to an end.

In the most humorous of all the Danielle news, after a concert, Danielle was hanging out with Rhianna and her boyfriend Chris Brown, and because Rhianna was getting along with Danielle so well, she asked her to help keep other girls away from Chris!

To round things up, Danielle was seen in Dubai recently, and all the reports state that she was looking quick trim and sexy (especially since she was getting an opportunity to tan on the beach).

Is Danielle Lloyd Engaged or Not? - posted 25th September 2008

In case you hadn't heard, Danielle Lloyd has been dating a man named DJ Ironik for the last five weeks. Instead of pursuing her usual taste in men who play football, Danielle's publicist stated that she has been dating twenty year old DJ Ironik (although he has stated that they are just friends). The most interesting part of this story is the possibility that the pair could be engaged. In recent photos (including both photo shoots and photos taken at events), Danielle has been seen wearing a large diamond ring. Although her publicist has stated that it is an "eternity ring" that she has been wearing for over a year, there is a lot of speculation that Ms. Lloyd may be planning to tie the knot in the near future!

In other hot Danielle news, she recently got a new tattoo at a Los Angeles tattoo parlor. The tattoo is a Hebrew phrase, and was done on the back of her neck. When translated from Hebrew to English, the tattoo says "Only God Can Judge Me Now." According to Lloyd, her tattoo is a symbolic answer to all of her critics that think they have the right to judge her and her lifestyle. Getting tattoos related to God seems to be a growing trend among celebrities. In addition to Danielle, the rapper Lil Wayne had "Fear God" tattooed on his eyelids several years ago, while professional skater and reality show star Ryan Sheckler recently had the words Fear and God tattooed on each of his forearms.

Danielle Lloyd Drops Latest Boyfriend - posted 27th July 2008

When you are as stunning as Danielle Lloyd, attracting men is an extremely easy task. Unfortunately, attracting quality men isn't quite as easy to accomplish, as Danielle Lloyd has found out once again.

Over the last few years, Danielle Lloyd has dated quite a few different men. From her relationship with footballer Teddy Sheringham that lasted just under a year to being linked to men including rapper 50 Cent and Gladiator Tornado, Danielle Lloyd has not been able to find a relationship that is capable of lasting over the long-term.

When Lloyd began spending time with Ramone Cunningham (who at twenty-one, is three years younger than Danielle), she thought the outcome might be different. When Danielle spent time with him over a holiday in Portugal, she was under the impression that he was a single man. In truth, not only does Ramone have a partner (Lucinda Campbell), but he also has two young children: a one year old son and a two year old daughther.

After finding out the truth about Ramone, Danielle's spokesman said that she "wants nothing more to do with him." Unfortunately for the beautiful Danielle, it looks like another fling has ended in disappointment once again.

Danielle yet to decide over Jermain Defoe

She has been going through mind blowing session with her friends as all are advising her to kick her footballer boyfriend Jermain Defoe as both had a lot of break up and patch up sessions as Defoe being framed into allegation of betraying her and many. She is in affair with former Spurs star since Christmas.

Stephanie Moule as revealed to a Sunday newspaper that she was been Jermain’s lover for 7 years and one other model has come forward being as paramour of the footballer previously. All Danielle’s friends are advising her to quit Jermain Defoe.

Daniel Llyod has a News to rejoice

The renowned model Daniel Lloyd has finally a news to rejoice. The lady who was crowned Miss Great Britain for a while, underwent a surgery for the removal of a lump in her boobs. Though the doctors had said that the lump is not damaging, yet Lloyd preferred to get it removed.

The well known celebrity of Playboy magazine found a lump forming in her breast. She consulted a doctor who advised her to get it removed from her chest. But Lloyd underwent operation not only for the removal of the lump but also for getting heavy boobs. She wanted the surgeons to make her boobs more ‘perkier’.

The doctors will declare the result of the operation within a weak but as of Llyod, she is back to her routine life. It is also heard that Daniel got herself checked for two moles on her body in order to know whether they are harmful or not.

Speaking about her surgery Daniel says:

Reading about my cancer ordeal in the Daily Star reminded me that I should get checked. And the doctors have been amazing.”

To the Daily Star, Daniel said

“It’s still painful and it’s hurting to move still. But I knew I had to do it. At least it’s a weight off my mind.

“Right now I’m just thinking about getting better in the next two weeks. After that I’ve got to get back to work so I need to be in tip-top shape. I can’t wait to get back to the grindstone.”

Danielle Lloyd claims something BIG for the BIG American Show

The young and bold model from Liverpool England, the girl friend of the renowned footballer Teddy Sheringham, Danielle Llyod claims that she has tapes to show that the Big Brother show was edited to make her look a racist during the not so popular Oxo cube row. The former Miss England’s lawyers have accused the proctors of the show for editing the crucial film that proved that Danielle was not being a racist in the show and she had never giggled over the Oxo cube row. It is feared that beauty who posed naked for the Playboy magazine will sue the maker of Channel 4 show Big Boss for a multi-million pound.

The legal experts are still probing into the matter that concerns some crucial scenes including Jane Goody’s despicable rage that got simply eliminated. It is so far revealed that sensational beauty did try to defuse the infamous Oxo-cube bust up between Jade and the Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty that was never shown according to sources.

Danielle Lloyd in Celebrity Big Brother

Former Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd has just entered the Celebrity Big Brother (BB) house on Channel 4 (UK).
Danielle Lloyd was dethrowned as Miss Great Britain after posing for Playboy magazine nude and also for being caught out for dating one of the beauty competition's judges - the footballer Teddy Sherringham (40).Danielle Lloyd will be watched carefully by Lifeofamodel.com as we see how her career blossoms after a brief career in beauty pagents. Good luck Danielle.

Danielle Lloyd at the Celebrity Big Brother House

The Celebrity Big Brother House - The foreign version of desi Big Boss is creating huge waves. When Danielle Llyod stepped out of her car to make an entry at the Big Brother House she was Booed by the crowd waiting for her. When she made a grand entry to the Big Brother House her partner quietly stayed at home. Among the celebrities who greeted Danielle were Davina and Jermaine. But inspite of being highly cheered by the crowd she has caught the bookies of the game as the odds are against the admiration she received by her fans. Currently her price is halved about winning the show and is now at 10-1 shot.

So, what is Danielle Lloyd up to these days, post her being stripped of the Miss Great Britain title, well she’s been bluffing, posing, and stripping.

She and Teddy Sheringham will be playing against one another as the celebrity quotient providers at the PartyPoker.com European Open in Kent.40 years old Teddy and 22 year old Danielle make quite a couple but Danielle has promised to keep love by the side when she squares off with Teddy at the poker table.

The Playboy issue that was the cause of our babe losing her Miss Great Britain title is out and is doing quite well, Danielle can now hope to further cash on the success of her playboy appearance.

In an interview with AskMen.com, Danielle answered a number of questions with the panache of an experienced answerer. Well, you do become one if you have been participating in glamour contests for as long as she has been doing, its not all T&A, you know, you need brains too. She said Teddy seduced her by getting her drunk; sure, the fact that he was a judge on the competition had nothing to do with her passion for the 40 year old hunk. The things that make a healthy relationship according to her include buying sexy underwear and giving each other independence.

We’ll keep you posted on further developments as and when they appear, do visit again to check us out.